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Mentoring with Dave.

Dave has been working with CEOs and business leaders on 5 continents for over two decades.  As a trusted advisor he has worked closely with leaders to navigate through everything from the board room to the bedroom. In addition to Dave’s experience as a business owner, board member and senior business advisor he also spends time on personal issues.  Dave has worked with hundreds of leaders, walking with them over many years through life's big questions. 

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"As I recalled the major pivots in my life (marriage, buying & selling businesses, parenting, health, etc.) there was a direct line between our work together and each of these big decisions.  This 10 years of connection has contributed to a level of alignment in my life that I’m currently enjoying and excited to continue the journey”.


As a busy leader, it’s complicated to work through marriage, parenting, health, executive leadership and try to have some level of acceptable balance through it all.  Even the most high performing leaders have someone walking the path with them primarily for objective perspective, with no agenda.  Dave has seen deeply into the life of leaders and helps navigate around many of the obstacles that can hinder or block growth.  Frankly, it’s very difficult to construct a life well lived, all on your own.

What is mentoring, & what will it do for me?

How does mentoring work?



A process like no other.

Dave has led hundreds of leaders through the process of achieving three satisfying life-guiding statements that provide a foundation under everything they do. By establishing the solid foundation of your life's purpose, mission, and vision, the answers seem to start arriving to you easier.

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When you're ready to dive in, here's how to hit play. 

1. Book a discovery call with our team, to ensure mentoring is the best place to start and Dave is the right fit.

2. Welcome letter - Within it contains the answers to likely most of your questions. There are some sections you are asked to complete (30-60 minute time commitment). 

3. Life Scan This starts a conversation with Dave to scan your life for any “hot spots”.  It covers five critical areas: Personal Environment, Well-being, Money, Relationships the the areas of purpose and meaning. This is where we start to select key areas that you want to work on.  (Time commitment 15-30 minutes). 

4. Birkman Testing - Birkman is an advanced behavioural assessment that is included in the mentoring process. When you’re ready to go we will send you a direct link to complete the 45 minutes Birkman Questionnaire. Click here to learn more about the Birkman experience.


Mentoring steps sample.

This document provides a sample of how the mentoring progression often works. It’s different for everyone but often includes these 5 steps.  A description of each one is provided including why it’s needed and an outline of how long it takes.

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