Three Big Questions

That everyone asks sooner or later. 

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The Three Big Questions that everyone asks sooner or later is the roadmap that will take you to the peaks of your professional and personal life. Based on the book “Three Big Questions”, a pathway has emergede and been shared with business leaders and CEOs for many years, leading them to the clarity of vision that transforms careers from “making a living” to “making a life”. According to Dave, our course leader and author of the book “Three Big Questions” -

“Purpose leads ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. People from every walk of life eventually come to the place where they recognize their own need for purpose and meaning and find it to be at the core of their future motivation.

Terry Gray

"I don't usually send these types of emails but after reading your book, and completing the activities, I felt compelled to write and let you know how much of an impact the book has had on my life.

Three Big Questions was one of several readings but the one that resonated with me the most!

My primary motivation for attending the course was to reflect on the next phase of my life journey and to validate/confirm my early retirement decisions

The activities in the book helped confirm my values and vision of the future: love for my family, desire to travel and truly explore/experience the world, and reflect on who I am and want to be - indeed.

The language of the book was accessible, not paternalistic (like so many other similar books) and I really appreciated the practical activities (more like a field book) and shared stories..."

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Get the roadmap on how to answer the big questions in life. Who am I? What am I going to do in this life? Where am I going? 

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Three Big Questions  provides the foundation for many of the services we provide. It lays the groundwork in mentoring, retreats, and through our online teachings. 


The book is the foundation for both the online course, The Purpose Process, and the deep-dive experience of our Purpose Process Retreat. 


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Recently featured on the Inside Growth Podcast - listen while Dave + Greg chat all things about "Three Big Questions." 

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