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The Birkman Team Retreat

One of the biggest challenges in life is getting along and effectively communicating with others. Every team has similar objectives:Ā members must successfully engage with one another, solve problems, and achieve goals.

This event will leave your team with not only a deeper understanding of each other, but new language and set of tools to work effectively together.

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The Purpose Process Retreat

The Purpose Process is a life-changing experience built on a foundation of Life Purpose, Mission and Vision.  Connection to your team and yourself is achieved throughout this retreat, as you are guided along a practical roadmap to help uncover a clarity of vision that transforms your career from “making a living” to “making a life”!

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The Impact

"We are back after what the entire team thinks, was an incredible few days together.

Your work with us has been instrumental at this very important stage of our journey and has allowed a relatively new group of senior leaders to better understand and become excited about each other and what each person brings to the table."

- Fairmont Express, GM

The Birkman Retreat

The Birkman retreat builds a foundation for effective team communication like no other. Birkman helps each team member deeply understand their own personality, outward behaviours and inward motivations.  During the retreat, we discuss these insights together, making each member able to appreciate, communicate, and leverage the strengths each team member. This sense of mutual understanding is key to building success collaboratively.

This retreat supports team building by: 

  • Motivating teams
  • Building trust within teams
  • Providing tools for team communication
  • Assessing performance management
  • Aiding in meeting management
  • Cross function team collaboration 


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The Purpose Process Retreat

Come together with your team or forum members to connect deeper to yourself, and to one another.

The real success of this course is its unique strategy using practical step-by-step exercises and worksheets providing a simple, direct and time tested process. You’ll be encouraged to develop your own purposeful strategies that can be applied to everyday life.

All purpose process retreats are set up and customized specifically for you. We work with you to create a bespoke experience that speaks to the needs of your team members.


What you'll leave the Purpose Process retreat with: 

  • A value based, heart centred purpose for your life.
  • A clear mission, of how you will carry out that purpose.
  • A clear picture of the vision you have for your future

Most importantly you'll know how to live this work, not just talk about it. 

You will actively integrate “who you are” with “how you live” and “what you want for the future”.

The Purpose Process Retreat follows the online course created by Dave Phillips from his 25+ years working with leaders from all over the world. "The Purpose Process" provides you with all the pieces of your life purpose puzzle. 

The retreat offers a platform to deepen the conversation and connections with those around you. We can't wait to walk this journey with you. 

See a sample of the Purpose Process Pre-Retreat Workbook

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