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Stop Guessing for Teams

Brief bi-weekly conversation starters, generated from individual personalityĀ assessments. These reportsĀ initiate discussion about the most important topics for building trusting, accountable teams.

Create the building blocks for trusting, intimate, connected, relationships in your life that can get better with time.Ā Whether you have just started a relationship, are new to a team, or have been with them long-term! Stop Guessing will help you start conversations you would never normally have so that you can solve sticky relationship problems even before they start.

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Hiring & Onboarding

Hiring new candidates for upper management positions is an important decision for every organization. Finding the right fit in this competitive market can turn info a full time job for hiring managers. We have developed a hiring and on-boarding process that uses validated Birkman data to help select candidates with the personality and passion to drive success in your organization.

Birkman reaches into the strengths, interests, and underlying needs that, when met, are the key to job motivation and satisfaction. There is great power in measuring needs, because we can then better point out potential areas of conflict, or see if a manager has traits suited to lead current teams and employees.  

Our hiring and onboarding process to ensures that:

  • The candidate’s interests are aligned with the functions of the position
  • The candidate’s personality is suited for the nature of the position
  • The candidate will be motivated and fulfilled by the position
  • The candidate’s needs will be met by the work environment and organizational culture
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The Interview 360

Leaders set the tone, expectations, and attitudes of the organizations to which they belong. It is important for leaders to awareness of how they present to others ad how others interpret their behaviour. The Interview 360 incorporates feedback on your behaviour from multiple perspectives, including self, supervisors, direct reports, or peers. This is a streamlined conversational process that ensures total confidential, frank and direct feedback.

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Change Management + Conflict Resolution

Organizational change comes hand in hand with conflict, and it’s important to realize that this isn’t always a bad thing. Conflict exists everywhere, and in almost every relationship. Whenever there is organizational change, differences of opinion arise especially as teams are re-formed and moved, or when objectives change. It’s important to understand that conflict itself is valuable and a great asset to the organization. 

We can support your organization to understand not only what the conflict is about, but why individuals are reacting how they are. In turn, we can introduce a practical strategy around how a change leader can mediate a resolution to the conflict and move the team forward.

The Birkman Method can be used in all aspects of team growth and change. Below are some specific examples of how we can support you and your organization:

  • Conflict Resolution/Difficult Conversations
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Change Management
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