Olivia Szostek, BSc., CNP

Olivia's diverse entrepreneurial background has always been balanced with making a measurable, positive impact on others. Creating connection to people, planet, health, and meaningful living describes her well. She works with all walks of life to help them better understand themselves, and address both mental and physical health through a variety of modalities. 

Olivia completed her Bachelor of Science in Land and Food Systems at UBC and quickly started blending her passions for entrepreneurship, the planet, and human health by working within small businesses on Vancouver Island's west coast. She now works with individuals and business teams from all over the world, helping them connect the big pieces of their life. 

The Journey 

Olivia was born one of three girls in a family that never stayed still very long. Growing up across the country, she also did a fair bit of adventure and academic travel throughout her young adult years. She eventually found home for her life and peace for her soul on the west coast of BC.

Olivia studied at the University of British Columbia, starting her education at the Sauder School of Business, but eventually following her passion for food and the environment. Through her own personal health experiences, Olivia came to learn firsthand the relationship between our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. She continued her studies in health, becoming a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, holistic chef, and a trained Birkman consultant. 

Past + Current Work

 Olivia's many interests and experiences have combined to make her more of a 'whole life' kind of person. Blurring the lines between mind, body, work, home, etc., - Olivia's work is broad and unique. 

She has been the GM of a surf shop, a senior management team advisor, the owner + operator of a holistic food company in Vancouver's film industry, has worked 1-1 with people to address their mental health and gut issues, taught yoga, and been a private holistic chef. She has experienced being an employee, a boss, a co-owner, an advisor, a leader, a teacher, a meditator, a counsellor, a confidant, a friend, a sister, an athlete, and a daughter. 

She currently works alongside Dave Phillips - working in executive teams from all over the world. Olivia's intuition, constant desire to learn more, and deep curiosity make her a natural human connection expert. She is a faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and is continuing her studies in trauma in Integrative Somatic Therapy.  

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