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Dave is a masterful storyteller who mixes humor with insight to empower those who are moving in a positive direction and encourage those who are down.


With 20+ years of speaking experience, Dave draws from his years in both business and the professional sporting world to leave you laughing, crying, and inspired all at the same time. 



Focus on what you can do, instead of what you can't. 



To create a vision for your professional and personal life that currently seems beyond reach.


Practical skills that enable you to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals & live a life that makes a difference.

The memorable illustrations that he uses to encourage and inspire his listeners to reach higher and accomplish more are not just words, they are also his own life experiences.


Dave’s presentations remind his listeners of the priorities and values that lie at the heart of their motivation to be all that they can be in their professional and personal life.

Dave's presentations are guaranteed to refresh your spirit, energize your body and renew your mind. Dave Phillips has a powerful ability to motivate people to strive to lead rewarding, purpose-filled lives and his unique life experiences play a significant role in communicating this message. So step up to the edge of life and get ready to experience the thrill of living a life that is filled with success, direction, meaning and a commitment to accomplish extraordinary things.

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Sample Speaking Presentations

  • Bonding the Generations - A bridging discussion between generations in the workplace (Done by Dave Phillips + colleague Olivia Szostek) 
  • Purpose - What is it + Why does it matter?
  • Three Big Questions - The Foundations of Purpose, Mission, + Vision
  • Values - What are they + How do they apply?
  • + more!

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Precision Drilling, Excell Battery, Genentech / Rhosch, Carnell Partneres, Headlands Capital, Clark Builders, Coast Capital Vancouver, VanCity, Shell, Chevron, Pacific Bottle Works, Trilogy, Network Innovations, Master Electronics, Omidyar, Humanity United, Surrey RCMP Department, Canadian Manufacturers Association, and more.